Friday, July 17, 2009

Win a Boob top

boob nursing topAndi Silverman of Mama Knows Breast is hosting a nursing top giveaway from Boob, a Swedish maternity and nursing wear company.

You don't need clothing that's made specifically for breastfeeding to nurse in public, but it doesn't hurt! So pop on over to Mama Knows Breast to try for this cute nursing shirt. This is your chance to put those writing skills to use. If you're pregnant, tell Andi why you're dying to have this top. And if you already have a baby, tell her a favorite story about nursing in public.

Andi will pick the winner based on how fun, clever, or poignant the story is. If you wrote a particularly good one, cross-post it in boob maternity + nursing wearthe comments here so I can enjoy it, too. I've been reading some of the entries so far, and there are some really fun ones. I especially laughed at the "little tiny breasts" story and was shocked that someone was kicked out of church for a noisy nursling (as in, slurping, not crying). I was going to recommend some other comments, but I'll give up and say, just read them all.

The contest is for U.S. residents, and entries are due August 1, the start of Breastfeeding Awareness Week.


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