Sunday, November 30, 2008

I won NaNoWriMo!

I just wanted to share that I have finished my first novel!

NaNoWriMo08I started my first in a string of uncompleted novels at age 10, after reading an inspiring young writer's handbook. (It was, in fact, The Young Writer's Handbook
along the side there. Look how you can now purchase it for a whole cent! In my heart, I know it's worth more than that.)

Twenty-two and a half years later, I have finished one to completion.

Take that, lack of ambition!

Now I just need to revise the snot out of it, then start sending it off to agents, and simultaneously start work on the next in the series and finish up my other uncompleted novel that's nearest to completion (not the one from when I was 10). All this while taking care of a 17-month-old and running our own business.

But it will work. See how I chose the NaNo winner badge that celebrates my Viking roots. We are tough. We loot and pillage. We prevail.

I am a writer. I will be a published novelist. I will never be embarrassed at school reunions again.


Kate Wicker said...

Somehow I missed this post, but you rock! Congratulations on the completed novel. I've got to get off my bum and wrap up my several "almost finished" novels one of these days!

Lauren Wayne said...

Thank you! It was exhilarating to finish. See you at the next NaNoWriMo?

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