Sunday, March 2, 2008


I heard someone (crunchy) call her period that the other day, and while it made me laugh, because I'm not nearly so spiritual about my cycles, I thought I should give being positive about it a try.

That said, I'm still annoyed by my non-LAM state. I thought when my visitor started showing up again a few months ago that it would maybe be irregular for awhile yet, a rusty start just to get the plumbing working.

But, no, it's clockwork. Every 29 days, just like usual.

And, now that I have several TTC cycles under my belt from when we were trying for Mikko, I know the signs that I am indeed fertile again -- these aren't just practice runs. We're not trying or anything (please, no), so I'm wondering why I've been so deprived of my natural child spacing.

The good news is that it feels like absolutely nothing. It used to be (literally) a big pain, but now, other than the odd twinge now and again -- well, I guess after a 12-pound baby, you could drive a truck through me, so a little old blood clot? Nothing to it.

Weren't you glad I updated you on this topic? I'm just wondering what other women's experiences have been, so I can be jealous of your 18-month stretches with no Aunt Flo. Feel free to share.

I was talking to a mother who has a teenage daughter with terrible cramps, and I told her about my terrific cure for that: not Advil, but childbirth. She didn't think this was a good suggestion for her daughter. Oh, well.

This absence of discomfort is why, I think, I keep being surprised by it, because I have no reason to watch the calendar. The cramps used to be my cue that it was on its way within the next day, and of course, when we were TTC-ing, they were my cue to be disappointed. Not a good cue, as it turns out, because both my pregnancies began with cramps as well.

Anyhow, wishing all you fertile women out there a pleasant lifeblood this moon!


Susana la Banana said...

I didn't get my "lifeblood" back until James was 18 months old, but basically all my friends with same-aged babies got theirs between about 6 and 10 months PP...

I was SO glad to not have it back, but I think the tradeoff was a serious lack of sleep. All those babies' mamas were sleeping mostly through the night by the time they resumed cycling, and I have YET to sleep completely through the night without waking up once...and there are still plenty of times when I'm up quite a bit at night.

So I hope at least you're getting some good sleep!

Also...I definitely don't call my monthly visitor my "lifeblood," but I HAVE been pleasantly surprised at how much better my relationship with my cycles is now than before I had a child...not just that it's physically easier, but it does seem like more of a positive thing and less of a burden to me now. I try to use that "period-energy" for good now, to help me make positive changes in my life and in the world, instead of just b*tching at everything like I think I did before. Just thought I'd share because it has been an eye-opening experience for me in how we perceive our own experiences as women.

Okay, getting too wordy, sorry. Do you mind that I'm reading your blog now? Ever since I participated in the carnival of bf'ing in Nov, I've just been checking the other participants' blogs every once in a while. Just FYI for why I'm here, because I'm always curious about those who stumble across my blog. Ack! Darn the wordiness! I cannot seem to stop it!


Lauren Wayne said...

Hello! I absolutely don't mind -- it's wonderful to hear from you! I enjoy your blog and the other carnival bloggers as well -- it's so fun to connect. Oh, also, I am the queen of wordiness, so I really don't mind. Love it!

18 months! See, that would be nice. But I agree that it definitely seems less of a burden now than before. I think partly it's that I've seen its purpose, whereas from 12-30 or whenever it was we started TTCing, it seemed so pointless.

As far as sleep, it's strange, because he's really not sleeping through the night, and even less recently. I can't figure if it's teething, needing solids, learning to crawl, what, but he's almost newborn-ish again some nights -- rrr. What with the screaming and the up every 2 hours. So there have been spans of more sleeping (6+ hours), but then it reverts. But I'm thinking the spans of sleeping are what started my cycles back up. But at least I've had some sleep in the past 9 months. I hope you get more sleep soon!!

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