Saturday, October 28, 2017

Make zombie brains cupcakes for Halloween!

We had a kiddo turn three years old this month. (Three! Years! Old! Wasn't it yesterday that Karsten was born precipitously & unexpectedly into my arms?)

But here he is, blowing out his three candles with aplomb:

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

To celebrate, we made some spooooky BRAINS cupcakes for our little zombies. We used this kit, but you could achieve the same effect at home by following our simple decorating instructions with some pink frosting. Here's the video showing how:

The process.

The finished product.

Glimpses of the video:

There was a lot of cleaning up involved.
Baking with children does not entail neatness.

I think Karsten's singing some sort of cupcake song here.

There was a lot of creative counting going on.

The master stackers at work.

There may have been copious licking.

Brains need sprinkles. That's just fact.

And, from the celebration proper:

Our little pumpkin.

The birthday boy picked out his own balloon.
Chase is on the case!
It matches the jacket he usually wears.

Safety first.

Brothers with the birthday boy.

Opening presents like whoa.
There was a Paw Patrol / PJ Masks theme going on.

I had to take the big boys out to their homeschool co-op classes
and leave Karsten at home with Sam to play with his presents in peace.
Mikko & Alrik bounded into the car at the end,
exclaiming that they had to get home to play with Karsten's toys again.

Happy, happy birthday, my dear littlest one!

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