Saturday, July 8, 2017

Turn a baby wrap into a kid hammock

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

Did you know you can repurpose a woven wrap
into an indoor hammock?

If you're an avid wrapper, probably so.

If not, let me BLOW YOUR MIND.

I learned this trick when trying to break in
and soften up a new-to-me wrap that
was still a bit too stiff.

Choose a sturdy table,
and tie a sturdy knot.

Longer wraps can run the length of the table,
shorter ones the width.

Pro tip: You'll want to tie the hammock
tighter and higher than you think it needs to be,
because it will stretch down
once someone lies in it.

Then pop in a kid or two,
and let 'em chill.

Fun for all ages!

Even the cat wants to
get in on the action.

So fun.

So cozy.


The wrap in the photos
is a Storchenwiege Inka, 4.6 m, by the by.

Safety note: I don't really have one
beyond: Use common sense.
My oldest kid is 90 pounds and still swings,
though low to the floor.
I've never had the knot break
or the fabric rip or — heaven help us —
the table break, but watch out for strain.

Read more about different baby carriers and babywearing, complete with pictorial how-tos, in my Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearing!

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