Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Snow play

Our family braved Snowpocalypse 2012 or, as Shannon put it, SnOMG, to bring you these pictures of winter frivolity. We waited till after the baby's nap to go out, which affected how much of the blizzard was left… Didn't stop us!

boy walking in snow jacket and boots in winter outdoors in Seattle

baby smiling in snowsuit

dad and boy carrying cardboard box sled in winter outdoors in Seattle
We also didn't let the fact that we had no actual sled stop us.

dad and boy sledding at top of hill on cardboard box
Or hills.

dad and boy sledding on cardboard box in winter outdoors in Seattle

mom and kids sledding in winter outdoors in Seattle
In defense against my being a terrible mother taking 7-month-old Alrik on a sled ride, the hill was 6 feet long.

boy picking up snowball in winter outdoors in Seattle

dad building miniature snowman on picnic table in Seattle outdoors in winter

building tiny snowman outdoors in Seattle — on picnic table winter

building mini snowman outdoors Seattle — dad and son

baby tasting first snow in winter outdoors in Seattle
First taste of snow

boy drinking hot chocolate in a coffee cup walking down the sidewalk in winter
Warming up. (It's hot chocolate, but doesn't he look like a crab fisherman grabbing a cuppa before heading back to his boat?)

baby in a snowsuit held by mother

It's snowing again today. I've heard we might get as much as TWO INCHES. Stay tuned for more photos of the blitz.

You'll also love this week's photos on the topic of Bonding With Children over at Natural Parents Network!

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I Thought I Knew Mama said...

These pics are hilarious - and so fun! You all really know how to make the most of a flurry!

melissa said...

SnOMG, I love your little crab fisherman! That picture is too much. Alrik's rosy cheeks are the best, and you look lovely in your red coat, too :)

Unknown said...

Love this! I totally understand the excitement over a little bit of just doesn't happen here very often! Woke up this morning to a lot of white, and everything is closed (except J's work, of course). Maybe we'll have to have a snow day of our own today!

Cassie said...

Hey he doesn't look like a fisherman, he just looks like another person walking around Seattle with his coffee ;)
Love the snow pics. I'm going to post ours later!

Melissa said...

This is great! I remember using the bottom tray of my grandmother's dish strainer when we didn't have a sled. I love the cardboard idea. Creative!

Shana said...

hee hee, SnOMG.
harhar, tiny snowman.
bwahahaha, crab fisherman!
Love this! Looks like you all had fun!

Run DMT said...

What fun! Who needs a hill or a sled? That's what I can innovative and creative. Great photos, mama! said...

<3! Kids in the snow, with rosy cheeks, are the sweetest! I love how much fun it looks like you're all having!

Unknown said...

Great pics! Hold on tight for the next wave of snow. We've got 2-5 inches predicted by the end of Friday... better stock up on canned goods and candles!

(I always get the most interesting CAPTCHA on your comments - "poopee" is today's. I sure hope it's not a forewarning!)

Arpita And Jonathan said...

Haha!! As someone who is new the Northwest I am still in awe of the fact that as soon as it's over 1 inch of snow it calls for the term "blizzard". Hehe... Love it! And M totally does look like a little crab fisherman!! Cuuute!!

Momma Jorje said...

Your bright clothes just stand out so well, especially against that GREEN grass under all that snow! lol

Mikko doesn't look too impressed or happy about the snowman. Had enough of the cold by then?

And Alrik... guessing he didn't care much for tasting that snow? :-)

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