Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears breastfeeding brouhaha

Oh, why not? Another celebrity breastfeeding moment...

The father of the newest ill-fated Spears baby took pictures to a Wal-Mart to develop, and one showed baby Maddie being breastfed. Someone at the store presumably stole the pics and is now trying to peddle them, which would end up being child pornography:

"Because Jamie Lynn is a minor, selling the pics -- or buying them -- could constitute a violation of federal laws prohibiting child pornography. Peddling pictures of a minor's breast -- even if not taken for sexual purposes -- could land the seller and the buyer in federal prison if they are marketed across state lines for the purpose of being lurid."

I don't really care about all that. Whatever.

Jamie Lynn OKJust two comments:

First, yea that Maddie is being breastfed! She has at least something going for her.

Second, this stance from gave me pause:

"Spears' baby daddy Casey Aldridge took his digital camera chip into the superstore to get the pictures developed of Jamie Lynn breast-feeding their daughter Maddie, which is a totally normal thing to want pictures of, in order to show your daughter's future boyfriends when they come by the house. [...] Who wants pictures of leaky boobs?"

Note the disbelief that breastfeeding pictures would be acceptable or desirable. But I will tell you, from my site analytics, that my posts on breastfeeding photos get more than their share of hits due to keywords people are typing into Google.

Granted that these searchers might mostly be fetishists, as I mentioned before, I think that taking pictures of breastfeeding is as natural as breastfeeding itself. Well, not quite that natural, but I mean -- if it's something you're doing with your baby twelve times a day, and you're taking pictures of said baby all day long, why wouldn't you want to record such an integral part of your experience together?

That said, I will agree with I' for suggesting that this incredibly wealthy family invest in a photo printer and avoid the big-box photo counters in the future, particularly when dropping off naked pictures of a minor. Even though I have no problems personally taking or having taken photos that showcase my breastfeeding, and I even have some tasteful ones posted on my personal site for family to view, I have never had those photos developed by other hands or let the files out of my keeping. Why tempt potential trouble?

OK, I lied -- third point: Why is Jamie Lynn's hair prematurely gray? Ha ha.

All right, I'll try to knock it off with the celeb watching. I wasn't looking for it, honest -- I'm trying to remember how I found it in the first place. Recent actual searches in my browser history: "Seventh-Day Adventists modesty," "Dominic Monaghan," "Inspector Frost," "Der Mond ist aufgegangen lyrics" -- where could I have clicked from?


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