Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My nursing necklace

I managed to get some morning light -- not an easy task on an atypically rainy (really!) Seattle summer week -- so I could photograph my nursing necklace.

nursing necklace

Did I mention I also couldn't find my beading wire? So I used some thin cord instead, which limited me to beads with wide holes. But then, since I didn't have enough spacers, some of the wide beads I wanted to use slipped right over the double row of silver seed beads I used instead. And then my beaded loop was crazy long, so I twisted and secured it with the round ring part of a necklace fastener by squooshing it with needle-nose pliers. (I couldn't fit a crimp bead in in the small space.)

So it's all quite improvised, but once I make it out to a store where I can pick up some more supplies, I think I'll go ahead and try another!

Thanks again to Tammy and Angela!


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! Thanks for putting up a picture!

Anonymous said...

I love the way it came out! May I share it with the readers of Jewelry and Beading?

~ Cyndi L

Lauren Wayne said...

Absolutely! That's fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I just shared it here:

Wilderness Mama said...

Oh, how gorgeous! Great job!

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