Sunday, January 6, 2008

Breastfeeding in art

I have gotten a lot of hits from my "Breastfeeding in pictures" post. I'm not sure what people were looking for, so I hope they weren't disappointed. (My apologies right now and forever to those looking for "I touch you once, I touch you twice" lyrics and stumbling onto my musings on postpartum sex...)

So, I'll embrace my role as destination for breastfeeding-photo seekers and first, give you my tips for you to find your very own images of breastfeeding pictures, photographs, posters, statues, what have you: Type variations of "breastfeeding" and related keywords into Google's image search. There: that will get you a bunch of hits. Wasn't that easy?

Just make sure your SafeSearch is OFF!

For those of you who wish to view someone else's selections, I now offer you a gallery of some of my favorite nursing artworks. Look on and enjoy.

One of my favorites by Mary Cassatt -- Mikko TOTALLY does that thing with his hand! Baby dentist. She captured the reality of the breastfeeding experience. Unlike say...

...this Memling one. It's beautiful and all, but had he ever seen where a breast is before? Maybe because she was a virgin Mary was spared from pregnancy-induced boob saggage? But, seriously, there are so many gorgeous ones of Mary & Jesus that I think I'll have to do a whole post of just those. For now, on with the show...

At one point, Picasso didn't mind painting boobies non-cubistically, and in use.

I love how delightfully chubby Renoir's baby is. Reminds me of someone I know (ahem, 31 pounds, ahem...).

I don't know who the artist is here, but I found it on a doula website and think it's gorgeous. I love the glow, and the happiness of the friend watching.

This one by Charles Moffat shows a modern NIP experience, in an elevator. Nice one.

What a glamorous art-deco mother, by Tamara de Lempicka.

And, last but not least (well, maybe), for your viewing enjoyment, I bring you a bearded lady from 1631 displaying her credentials.

That was fun -- I think I'll have to do another roundup sometime.

Here's someone else who's done a nice collection of 94 images of breastfeeding in art. If you'll look at the offerings there, you'll see that some countries use images of Mary breastfeeding on their holiday stamps. How about them apples, USPS?

This is very cool, too -- a site where women sat with their nurslings in poses similar to those of famous paintings.

I hope all these inspire some of you mama artists to create your own breastfeeding art. I love seeing it portrayed beautifully and out in the open like this, not just in health pamphlets! Drink it in!


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