Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Me & you against the world

A wise woman (my mom) once said to me that a good marriage is when you and your spouse are on the same team. I keep noticing this when Sam & I are around other couples.

There's the couple who keep verbally and physically picking at each other.

There's the duo who tell stories wherein the other person looks stupid.

There's the husband who thinks he's a stand-up comic, with every bit the same theme -- "Did I tell you about my crazy wife?"

I like all these people, and I even enjoy hanging out with them. But I'm glad to go home with my teammate and feel like I haven't betrayed him during our time with others by belittling him, berating him, or something else with a b. (Ha ha!) He does the same for me.

We have plenty to pick apart and complain about in other people without throwing each other into the mix. :)

And that's my marriage counseling for the day: Complain about other people.


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