Friday, February 29, 2008

Would my grandfather drink my milk?

I happened upon Tanya's post at the Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog about how breast milk is appreciated as a strengthening treatment for cancer patients.

It started me wondering if my dying grandfather wouldn't benefit from some donor milk. He's still making it through each day, but he's barely keeping anything down, and everything tastes terrible to him. He hates drinking Ensure and comparable meal replacements, but he needs something in his system to keep his strength up.

Wouldn't some immune-boosting and protein-rich breast milk bursting with antibodies be just the thing?

But I'm doubting that most people in his situation, him included, would ever consider drinking it. Maybe my mom could sneak a little into his Ensure?

It seems weird, too, to be related to your donor, even though the person who's primarily drinking my milk is of a matter of course highly related to me. Maybe it goes back to the whole breast-sexualization-taboo thing.

Well, it's food for thought, anyway. (But the answer is no.)


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